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Astrology Dates in September 2021

September 2nd, Mars opposite Neptune

September 4th, Mercury Trine Saturn

September 5th, Venus Square Pluto

September 6th New Moon in Virgo 8:52PM EST, Sun Trine Uranus, Moon Trine Uranus

September 8th, Mercury Opposite Chiron

September 10th, Venus moves into Scorpio 4:39PM EST

September 14th, Sun Opposite Neptune, Mars moves into Libra 8:14PM EST

September, 16th, Sun Trine Pluto

September 17th, Venus Square Saturn 

September 20th, Full Moon in Pisces 7:55 PM EST, Mercury Trine Jupiter

September 22nd, Sun moves into Libra 3:21PM EST, Mercury Square Pluto

September 23rd, Venus Opposite Uranus 

September 25th, Mars Trine Saturn

September 27th, Mercury Stations Retrograde in Libra 1:10AM

September 29th, Venus Trine Neptune, Sun Trine Saturn

September 30th, Venus Square Jupiter

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