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Astrology Dates in October 2021

October 1st, Mars opposite Chiron, Mercury Rx square Pluto

October 2nd, Venus sextile Pluto

October 3rd, Sun opposite Chiron, Mercury Rx trine Jupiter 

October 6th, New Moon in Libra 7:05AM EST, Moon opposite Chiron, Moon conjunct Mars, Pluto Stations Direct

October 8th, Sun conjunct Mars

October 9th, Sun conjunct Mercury RX, Mercury Rx conjunct Mars

October 10th, Saturn Stations Direct

October 13th, Venus sextile Saturn

October 15th, Sun trine Jupiter

October 16th, Venus trine Chiron, Mercury RX sextile Venus

October 17th, Sun square Pluto

October 18th, Jupiter Stations Direct, Mercury Stations Direct, Mars trine Jupiter

October 20th, Full Moon in Aries, 10:57AM EST

October 22nd, Mars square Pluto

October 23rd, Sun enters Scorpio 12:51AM EST

October 26th, Venus square Neptune

October 28th, Venus sextile Jupiter

October 30th, Sun square Saturn,

Mars moves into Scorpio 

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