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Birthchart 101
You are unique and your personal astrology reflects that. In this 1:1 session, we will unpack your birth chart’s key energy.
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Guidance Session
Tune into the rhythms of your life for fulfilment and happiness! In this session, we will connect you with your signature joy.
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Tarot Session
What’s in your heart is in the cards. This is an intimate moment to ask your most pressing questions in the comfort of loving support.
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A reading is both a mirror and a lens.

It’s a mirror in which we see both our best selves and our vulnerabilities which make us strong, and a lens for how we view the world and our experience within it.

I believe astrology to be a tool that can help us understand ourselves better. It shows us our truth through the interwoven story of our past, present and future. It helps us understand why we are the way we are, aiding in our ability to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are. After a reading together you will feel inspired to pursue what is meaningful to you and give yourself the freedom to do so. My readings are a loving reminder that you’re stronger than you think, beautiful exactly as you are, and connected to everything you need for a fulfilled life . We will map out your joy and purpose for a new and inspiring lease on your life.


Thank you SO much for my reading. I've been listening to it on repeat and taking it all in. You're so positive and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it all.

Stephanie L

As a beginner I was apprehensive. Steph was so warm, fun, intuitive and loving that I felt very comfortable. From the moment she started she was right on the money! If your heart is calling, trust the process!

Scott R

Astrology Dates in September 2021

September 2nd, Mars opposite Neptune

September 4th, Mercury Trine Saturn

September 5th, Venus Square Pluto

September 6th New Moon in Virgo 8:52PM EST, Sun Trine Uranus, Moon Trine Uranus

September 8th, Mercury Opposite Chiron

September 10th, Venus moves into Scorpio 4:39PM EST

September 14th, Sun Opposite Neptune, Mars moves into Libra 8:14PM EST

September, 16th, Sun Trine Pluto

September 17th, Venus Square Saturn 

September 20th, Full Moon in Pisces 7:55 PM EST, Mercury Trine Jupiter

September 22nd, Sun moves into Libra 3:21PM EST, Mercury Square Pluto

September 23rd, Venus Opposite Uranus 

September 25th, Mars Trine Saturn

September 27th, Mercury Stations Retrograde in Libra 1:10AM

September 29th, Venus Trine Neptune, Sun Trine Saturn

September 30th, Venus Square Jupiter

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