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This is your truly personalized horoscope! 

We will look at where the planets are right now in real time, and in relation to where they were at the time of your birth. At a technical level, transiting planets make contact (aspects) to your natal planets and other points in your chart. At an evolutionary level, these transits speak to the current time-sensitive themes in your life where you are being asked to grow, evolve and show up.

How transits help us

Transits provide valuable insight into how the planetary movements are triggering your personal growth and how you are experiencing their energy at an emotional, physical and spiritual level. This is really helpful for understanding your day to day life events and the energetic influence you’re under, as well as gaining insight into specific dates and what they mean for you personally.

Transits can be challenging or helpful depending on the planets involved and the nature of their exchange. These relationships in your Transit Chart have the capacity to show us the part of your soul that is being invited to grow and how that opportunity to develop is unfolding in the present moment or on any given date, specified. 

When to book

Consider booking on or around any upcoming Full Moon. This lunation can be a triggering event for a variety of reasons and knowing what its energy holds in store for you can be helpful. A Current Transits reading can be booked at any given moment in the calendar year, but here are some timeline suggestions for those looking for inspiration.

  • Consider booking on or around any upcoming New Moon lunation.
  • Take a look at the upcoming transits list (see Monthly Astrology dates below) for an idea of some key energy we can take into account for your Current Transits Reading

What to expect

The session is 40 minutes and focuses on the transits that are the most relevant and pressing for you within the following 30 days. We will look at how you are starting to feel the energy of the transit to the exact moment it occurs, and immediately thereafter. Transits tend to fall into the categories of short-term and long-term and both have themes that impact an area of our life.

The purpose of a Current Transits reading is to provide you with the clarity and the support you need to feel confident moving through the various themes of your life. When we know the energy we’re working alongside, we are invariably better prepared to move through life with grace and ease.

A Note on Transits. Specific dates and planetary aspects to keep track of are available upon request during your reading. 

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Before the call

You will be sent a calendar invite and zoom link upon booking confirmation.

The reading is a Live video call which takes place over Zoom and is recorded. 

Within 24 hours of your session, you will receive the recording replay link of your reading by email. This recording must be downloaded within 72 hours of receiving it.

Please Note: This reading relies on the accurate day, month, year of your birth. An accurate place of birth as well as an accurate time of birth. At checkout you will be prompted to enter this information and if it cannot be submitted, is vague or obscure, please note that Stephanie reserves the right to contact you and refund your reading. The accuracy of your experience is dependent on correct birth information. 


Thank you SO much for my reading. I've been listening to it on repeat and taking it all in. You're so positive and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it all.

Stephanie L

As a beginner I was apprehensive. Steph was so warm, fun, intuitive and loving that I felt very comfortable. From the moment she started she was right on the money! If your heart is calling, trust the process!

Scott R

Astrology Dates in Nov 2021

November 2nd, Mercury square Pluto

November 4th, New Moon in Scorpio, Sun opposite Uranus

November 5th, Venus enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Scorpio

November 6th, Mercury sextile Venus

November 10th, Mercury conjunct Mars, Mercury square Saturn, Mars square Saturn
November 12th, Sun trine Neptune

November 13th, Mercury opposite Uranus

November 15th, Venus square Chiron, Sun square Jupiter

November 16th, Sun sextile Pluto

November 17th, Mars opposite Uranus

November 18th, Mercury trine Neptune

November 19th, Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, Venus trine Uranus

November 20th, Mercury square Jupiter

November 21st, Mercury sextile Pluto

November 24th, Mercury enters Sagittarius

November 26th, Saturn sextile Chiron

November 28th, Sun conjunct Mercury 

November 29th, Mars trine Neptune, Mercury trine Chiron

November 30th, Mercury sextile Saturn, Sun trine Chiron, Venus sextile 

Neptune, Sun sextile Saturn

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