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New Year! New You!

Welcome the year ahead with positivity and enthusiasm! As you celebrate your Solar Return (your birthday), the Sun returns to the same degree and same zodiac sign it was in, when you were born: How exciting! Your Birth Chart is a fixed chart but your Solar Return chart can change year to year and the critical detail is, location!

Where you spend your birthday can greatly inspire how your next 12 months are going to unfold. If you want to set the tone for a reinvention, a well-thought out solar return location is totally possible! If you want to know what your impromptu birthday location says about your next 365 days, that’s possible too!

Decode your next best year!

A Solar return chart is the ideal tool to glean insightful details about life, career, money and the relationship trends of your year ahead. From one birthday to the next, we can look at your Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter for the central themes you’ll be met with this next trip around the Sun.

Many of us turn to astrology on or around our birthday. While a Transit Reading can offer of the moment insights, a Solar Return chart is more of a predictive tool, that can be as fun as it is inspiring. A birthday is often perceived as a new beginning, and when the Sun returns to your natal positioning, it’s always an auspicious event worthy of every celebration, and even reinvention! Whether you’re looking to plan accordingly or understand what the stars hold for you in the coming year, a Solar Return Reading offers the simultaneous chance to honour your journey and dream about your sweet future!

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Before the call

You will be sent a calendar invite and zoom link upon booking confirmation.

The reading is a Live video call which takes place over Zoom and is recorded. 

Within 24 hours of your session, you will receive the recording replay link of your reading by email. This recording must be downloaded within 72 hours of receiving it.

Please Note: This reading relies on the accurate day, month, year of your birth. An accurate place of birth as well as an accurate time of birth. At checkout you will be prompted to enter this information and if it cannot be submitted, is vague or obscure, please note that Stephanie reserves the right to contact you and refund your reading. The accuracy of your experience is dependent on correct birth information. 


Thank you SO much for my reading. I've been listening to it on repeat and taking it all in. You're so positive and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it all.

Stephanie L

As a beginner I was apprehensive. Steph was so warm, fun, intuitive and loving that I felt very comfortable. From the moment she started she was right on the money! If your heart is calling, trust the process!

Scott R

Key Astrology in Feb 2022

Feb 3- Mercury Stations Direct 

Feb 16- Full Moon 27º in Leo 11:56 AM EST + Venus Conjunct Mars 16º Capricorn 

Feb 18- Sun Moves into Pisces 11:43 AM EST

Feb 22- Pluto Return of the USA

Feb 24- Mercury square Uranus 

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