Tarot Tune-In

30 min — $55

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Connect with your Intuition on a developing event

For those who have had a Tarot Session and are looking for some follow up insights on a developing circumstance previously discussed, or for those who simply want to touch base quickly for lightning clarity, this is the session for you. 

Every decision and action we take influences our outcome. The future is not fixed and our choices inevitably lead us down a path of our choosing. Sometimes that choice can feel extra time-sensitive & overwhelming, or something else all together. During a Tune In session, the outcome signified is based on the conditions in place at the time of the reading. As a situation develops, so may the outcome. As a result of this, it’s good practise to check in on the outcome of a prior reading, with a session like a Tune In, for more of-the-moment insights, as life has continued to unfold and circumstances developed since the last reading.

The more urgent your need to know is, the more likely you are to get a clear and definitive answer. Generally speaking, the Tune In session is for those who are contending with a time-sensitive question.

How often should you book a Tarot reading?

With a few exceptions, you might wish to have monthly readings with regard to a circumstance that is developing or even rapidly shifting in your life, to get guidance or see how things are evolving. If a matter is stable or not pressing, it is not recommended to consult the Tarot more often than necessary. You will know when it is time to do a reading, as you will feel a nudge from within to consult the cards with Stephanie.

Asking clear questions

To get a meaningful response it’s integral that you be clear in your own mind and ask your question in a way that is direct and unambiguous. 

To focus your concern and prepare a strong question for the Tarot, it can be helpful to write the question down prior to your session. The act of writing it out, helps to give it structure and makes it feel real and tangible. Keeping it in your head, allows for confusion and other thoughts to dismantle the original focus.

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Before the call

You will be sent a calendar invite and zoom link upon booking confirmation.

The reading is a Live video call which takes place over Zoom and is recorded. 

Within 24 hours of your session, you will receive the recording replay link of your reading by email. This recording must be downloaded within 72 hours of receiving it.

Please Note: The messages from your subconscious, Higher Self and Spirit Guides are often a confirmation of what you already know at a deep gut level. They may also contain information relayed by Stephanie that you might not understand in the given moment. Whatever your question, it’s invaluable that you set the intention of staying truly open to receiving whatever messages your guides have to share with you. This approach to your reading and session will make for the most fulfilling experience. It’s also possible that you feel inspired to journal or meditate on your learnings after the session. If this is the case, be open to this desire as it may indicate the need for your reading to process deeper and further for utmost clarity.


Thank you SO much for my reading. I've been listening to it on repeat and taking it all in. You're so positive and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it all.

Stephanie L

As a beginner I was apprehensive. Steph was so warm, fun, intuitive and loving that I felt very comfortable. From the moment she started she was right on the money! If your heart is calling, trust the process!

Scott R

Astrology Dates in October 2021

October 1st, Mars opposite Chiron, Mercury Rx square Pluto

October 2nd, Venus sextile Pluto

October 3rd, Sun opposite Chiron, Mercury Rx trine Jupiter 

October 6th, New Moon in Libra 7:05AM EST, Moon opposite Chiron, Moon conjunct Mars, Pluto Stations Direct

October 8th, Sun conjunct Mars

October 9th, Sun conjunct Mercury RX, Mercury Rx conjunct Mars

October 10th, Saturn Stations Direct

October 13th, Venus sextile Saturn

October 15th, Sun trine Jupiter

October 16th, Venus trine Chiron, Mercury RX sextile Venus

October 17th, Sun square Pluto

October 18th, Jupiter Stations Direct, Mercury Stations Direct, Mars trine Jupiter

October 20th, Full Moon in Aries, 10:57AM EST

October 22nd, Mars square Pluto

October 23rd, Sun enters Scorpio 12:51AM EST

October 26th, Venus square Neptune

October 28th, Venus sextile Jupiter

October 30th, Sun square Saturn,

Mars moves into Scorpio 

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