This is our monthly feature ZODIAC MUSE spotlighting women who inspire us and how they connect with crystals and their zodiac sign! We want to inspire our Starry Community to find intimate connection with our crystals, and to experience how versatile and inclusive they are. 

This month, we talk to the ever dazzling Jaime Moar and discover how this Muse of ours made use of her Moon Kit - featuring Kunzite, Labradorite, Moonstone, and our Signature Selenite Charging Plate. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I'm Jaime! I smile big and laugh hard. I'm a yoga teacher, human design reader and alignment coach who weaves both yoga and human design into my unique style of coaching. Ultimately I’ll encourage you to be you. Cause you’re great. And although I am still technically a novice when it comes to crystals I truly believe in their power and that the more I can surround myself with them the better.

 A snapshot of YOU in a happy moment, place, and time ... GO!

This photo is from a trip to Ireland and Scotland where my husband proposed to me. At this moment we were on a hike in Edinburgh and Duncan was making me laugh like he always does, which is one of my favourite things about him. For so many reasons this trip will forever be one of my favourites. For the obvious reason of being proposed to by my soul mate at the Fairy Pools in Scotland. And for other reasons like driving down country roads listening to Enya while cows casually block our path, all of the pints in pubs, for staying in huts and eating in castles, for getting our rental car stuck on a tiny island and having to wait for the tide to go out before we could drive on the ocean floor under the light of the full moon, and of course for all of the laughs. So many laughs. 

How has our Moon Kit inspired you?!

Ever since I got my Moon Kit I've been enthralled with it. I'm immediately drawn to the Moonstone. With its shape, its shine, its unique markings, its ability to ebb and flow like the moon, I have no doubt it holds so much power. The Kunzite seems so simple, yet I think its simplicity is what makes it have so much impact. As I tap into my desires and wishes this is the piece I hold closest. The Labradorite is immediately calming. It makes me feel anchored, which is exactly what I've been needing. The Selenite plate is just the perfect vessel to amplify it all. To bring it all to life. 

My Moon Kit mostly sits at the table I have set up to be my desk. I am currently living my family's business as we do renovations on our little dream home in the Eastern Townships. While I am so lucky to have a place to set up as a temporary home, it can sometimes feel scattered and well, like I'm not at home. Creating a beautiful surrounding around me while I create is so important to me. This Moon Kit brings me nothing but anchored inspiration and the reminder to go with the flow. 


 What does the Moon mean to you? 

In all of its stages, the Moon stands in its power. It stands in its beauty and it's clearly here to make an impact. I think the more we can embrace the ebb and flow of the moon, the more we can empower ourselves to move through life with more ease and spark!

Do you identify most with your Sun, Moon, or Ascendent?

My rising sign is Scorpio, Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Libra. While there are certain traits of the Scorpio that I resonate with, like being dynamic and determined, I often feel I relate more to my Moon Sign of Libra. I'm a big lover of harmony and connection!

What do crystals evoke for you and how do you connect with them in your daily life?

For me, crystals create rituals. And I believe everything can be made into a ritual. I surround myself with them as much as possible and try to teach myself about their powers (with the Star Sisters help of course!) I also use them to inspire a yoga class I'm about to teach or a coaching session I'm about to lead. Although I'm slowly learning the tools they each offer, I mostly go based on which one I'm drawn to. And whichever one I pick is always the right one!


Who inspires you?

Oh wow - so many people inspire me! Definitely my parents. My mom is a lifelong teacher and my dad an entrepreneur who took a risk 40 years ago and bought a boat shack. Then there are some bigger names like Brene Brown and Oprah (I'm all about the vulnerability). I have many coaches who I've learned so much from and who have guided me to step more into my power. There are so many people out there sharing their gifts and they inspire me every single day. Just like Athina and Steph!

What is your favourite self-care practice?

Baths! It sounds cliché but I would happily take two a day! Sometimes bubbles, sometimes oils. Sometimes tea, other times wine. Sometimes a book, other times scrolling IG. Always crystals! I make it my own and do as I please. It's truly ME time. 

What are your 2021 Intentions?

To release control. I tend to hold a tight grip and I'd like to loosen that. I've been working on letting go of the idea that I need to do everything "perfectly". And with that releasing the need for perfection! So 2021 will be more about leaning back and trusting the journey. 

Where can we find you and connect with you online?

Mostly IG! @jaimejessica

Email: info@jaimemoar.com

Website in progress! jaimemoar.com


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