This is our monthly feature ZODIAC MUSE spotlighting women who inspire us and how they connect with crystals and their zodiac sign! We want to inspire our Starry Community to find intimate connection with our crystals and to experience how versatile and inclusive they are. 

This month, we talk to real life angel Meg Haines, an Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Rising, and Capricorn Moon, who truly inspires us so much! Read more to discover her magic and how she used our Aquarius Kit – featuring Aquamarine, Blue Apatite, Sodalite, and Selenite.

Here’s a little bit about our Muse!

Meg is a spiritual teacher, healer, writer, and creator of Divine Feminine Mastery, The Empath Codes + Intuitive Magic. She has trained under world-respected teachers such as Brian Weiss, John Holland, and Robert Holden, receiving certifications in Coaching, Angel Therapy™, Past Life Regression, and Integrated Energy Therapy™, among various other healing modalities. She is also a trained dancer, singer, and actress, with a BA in Musical Theatre from Emerson College. Her mission is to help women reconnect with their sacred wisdom, release patriarchal paradigms, honour and nourish their bodies, bring more intention, trust, and flow into their daily lives, and embody their co-creative power, so that they may share their unique gifts and magic with the world.

What does your zodiac sign - Aquarius - mean to you? 

As an Aquarius, I love humanity and I believe in the highest expression of who we all can be, if we are loved, seen, nourished, supported, and given the opportunity to flourish. We all have our own unique gifts, our own perfect way and expression, and when we come into alignment with this, we make the world more beautiful. I am a rebel when it comes to challenging rules and breaking down structures and systems that don't serve the Collective or our natural way of living. I read energy, not words. I love creating, whether that modality is healing, writing, dance, or music, it feeds my Soul and makes me come alive. And I love my friends, family and tribe fiercely. They give my life purpose and meaning. 


What do crystals evoke for you and how do you connect with them in your daily life and line of work?

Crystals have been a sacred tool in my toolbox since I was a kid. I love that you can just walk into a room, and be inexplicably drawn to a crystal that just so happens to offer exactly the support you need. I see them as Mother Nature's love notes to us, reminding us to stay grounded and to remember that we are protected, that we are powerful creators, that we always have a direct line to Source, and that everything we need is already within us. I use them as anchors to bring me back into this Knowing, as guides in my healing sessions to direct the energy where it needs to go, and as amplifiers in my manifestation rituals. 

What's your favourite crystal from your Aquarius Kit?

How does one choose?! I would have to say, of course Selenite, since that is a daily go-to for clearing and purifying my energy. However, Blue Apatite is one I reach for when I need inspiration, especially when I'm working on creative projects. I find it helps me to be a clearer channel of Divine wisdom and my Soul's artistic expression, and reminds me to have fun and be playful with all of my manifestations.

How do you stay grounded?

Staying connected to my breath.

Gentle and intuitively guided movement.

Nature, nature, nature.

Unplugging from the world.

Listening to the wisdom of my heart. 

Using my senses to bring me fully into the present moment.


What's your favourite Tarot Card?

Like crystals, I see each card in the Tarot as a wise teacher. The two that I feel have the most to teach me right now are The Hierophant and The Empress. The Hierophant is connected to all that is holy, wise, divine and sacred. It reminds me to seek this connection, to trust the mystery of life, and to journey deeper into the depths of myself in order to find the Light. within. The Empress reminds me to embrace the wisdom of the Feminine, to nurture and be nurtured, to receive all the magic, abundance, and beauty of this world, and to trust and surrender to the sweetness life has to offer.

What are your 2021 Intentions?

I've learned not to plan too much, but the two words that have become like anchors for me this year are FLOW and GRATITUDE: To honor, trust, and settle into the flow, ease, and grace of each moment, especially the ones that feel most contracting. And to stretch my heart to deeper levels of gratitude and appreciation, to be present for all that is good, to not waste precious moments of breath in fear or lack or worry. These words are like teachers for me too, reminding me to come back to myself, to what is true, real and sacred... and let the rest unfold. 

Where can we find you online?

Instagram: @meg.m.haines   

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/theangelroomwithmeg

Website: www.meghaines.com

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