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Moon Kit
Moon Kit
Moon Kit
Moon Kit

Moon Kit

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Dark, full or somewhere in between, the Moon is our powerful conduit to a higher power. The Cosmic Mother, the Moon has 8 phases that take us through a calendar month. Reflecting our dance with life, honoring each phase has its relevance but the New Moon and Full Moon are the two lunations we highly recommend ritualizing for your empowerment journey.

The Moon, a beacon of light in our nightly skies, reflects the light of our Sun sign and represents our needs. She’s our emotional compass and is receiving energy all day long, through our intuitive antenna. An opportunity to reconnect with our instinctual wisdom, synching your life – projects, goals, dreams – with Her energy is to give yourself permission to experience the most fulfilled life. When we honor our personal Moon sign we seamlessly move from our head to our heart, and align with our emotional signature, empowering our innate faculties. With the Moon’s influence at the centre of our lives, we can connect with our soul, and a realm associated with our fate and destiny. Therein lies the magic that takes us closer to healing ourselves and empowering our sense of power, peace, and ultimately, purpose.

The New Moon
The darkest phase of the Moon, this is where the Sun and the Moon join forces as they meet side by side in our starry skies in the same zodiac sign. This is a moment to plant the seeds of creation. Setting intentions with your crystals handy on the New Moon is a time-honored tradition that stirs up magnetic results. Allow up to 6 months for a vision to come to fruition and be sure to follow suit on your intention with the actions activated by the following lunar phases.

The Full Moon
The brightest phase of the cycle, at this point the Sun and the Moon are exactly opposite to one another, in opposing zodiac signs. This is the culmination of something. Whether it’s the energy of the moment, spotlighting what has to be released from your life, or something you’ve been working towards dispelling, a Full Moon phase is the opportune time to effectively banish what is no longer feeding your sense of purpose and fulfillment. The energy at this point in the cycle can feel chaotic and uneasy but rest-assured that through discomfort we find our grace and this state is as needed as any other, to experience life to its absolute fullest.

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Work with this special kit at any lunation, lunar ritual, or simply to honor and empower the gift of your feminine essence. It’s also the ideal kit for the Cancer zodiac, which is ruled by the Moon and inevitably makes a beautiful addition to any crystal collection. It includes three polished tumbles as well as one of our Signature Selenite Charging Plates (measuring approx. 2.5” in diameter and 0.5” thick). Bear in mind that Selenite is extremely fragile and sensitive to water, so make sure to never get it wet!


Kunzite: To believe in your magic and see your heart’s deepest wishes come to life.

Labradorite: To anchor into your intuition as your compass, guiding you in all that you do.

Moonstone: To connect to the Moon’s enchanting energy as well as to the mysteries of life and embrace the ebbs and flows of your divine feminine cycle.

Selenite: To bear light energy and forever be protected by its divine power.

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